The 38th International Conference And Exhibition on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques

Game Papers Publication Requirements

Authors of Game Papers should prepare their documents according to the ACM SIGGRAPH publication guidelines (PDF). Authors are required to submit fully formatted papers, with graphs, images, and other special areas arranged as intended for final publication, using the ACM SIGGRAPH paper preparation guidelines. Be sure that all pages are numbered and that the first page contains your paper's ID number, in the place where authors' names normally go (below the paper title). If your paper is accepted, you will receive instructions for formatting the final version (for example, for adding authors' names and affiliations, and removing page numbers).

For SIGGRAPH 2011, authors must submit their papers electronically. The only allowable format is Adobe PDF. The online submission process includes features for uploading your PDF document.

Remove any information from your submission that identifies you or any of the other authors, or any of your institutions or places of work. If you must reference any of your previous works in a context that might reveal you are the author(s), simply refer to yourselves as “the authors.”

Please keep the PDF version anonymous; in particular, note that under some operating systems the "properties" of a PDF file may contain the creator's name. Also, Version 7 PDF files allow inclusion of a script that will contact the author each time the file is opened. Do not include this script in your PDF file; if we find it, we will reject your paper without review.

Paper Length
The body of the paper must not exceed 3,500 words. The body DOES NOT include the title, the abstract, keywords, or references. The body DOES include text in tables and text in diagrams and figures (if the diagrams or figures are deemed by the reviewers to be primarily comprised of text).

Permissions and Copyrights
You must have permission from the owner or copyright holder to use any images or video that you do not own in your submitted paper or supplementary material. In addition to the Submission and Authorization Agreement (which must be completed and signed prior to the submission deadline), you will also be asked to provide a signed ACM Copyright Form if your paper is accepted. This form is required by ACM before your paper can be published. The form must be downloaded, printed, completed, signed, and faxed to the ACM SIGGRAPH Director for Publications.

You are also required to upload final versions of all supporting supplementary materials originally submitted as part of your paper in the online submission form. You will need to provide a signed ACM Copyright Form for each of these supplementary material files.

Scope of the paper
You should make sure you appropriately situate your work within the existing literature relevant to the subject, specify your method (where disciplinary conventions apply), clearly discuss the scholarly significance of the work and its contribution to the field, and provide a bibliography. You may also include appendices if applicable.