The 38th International Conference And Exhibition on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques

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West Building, Rooms 118-120
Wednesday, 10 August 9 am - 12:15 pm

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Game Papers explore key issues in video games, inform and substantively advance our current state of knowledge and understanding, and foster new areas for investigation that will drive the next generation of design and player experience.

Accepted papers are presented in 20-minute talks at the conference and published in Sandbox 2011: ACM SIGGRAPH Video Game Proceedings as a part of the ACM SIGGRAPH 2011 Full Conference DVD-ROM publication.

Game Papers Chair
T.L. Taylor
IT-Universitetet i København

Analyzing Player Behavior and Experience

Wednesday, 10 August 9:00 am - 10:30 am
Evaluating Enjoyment Within Alternate-Reality Games

This paper on understanding enjoyment within alternate-reality games discusses the unique demands of the genre and why pre-existing enjoyment models are not applicable.

Visualizing and Understanding Players’ Behavior in Video Games: Discovering Patterns and Supporting Aggregation and Comparison

There is a growing need for procedures that can support analysis and understanding of players’ behaviors within game environments. This paper proposes a system that allows analysts to build and compare visualizations of clusters of players to better understand the causes and effects of players’ actions.

Evaluating Gesture-Based Games With Older Adults on a Large-Screen Display

This work reports on design and evaluation of three novel gesture-based games with healthy older adults. It describes key features in the physical and social engagement, and general usability of the games, to determine their applicability to the target audience.

The Impact of Negative Game Reviews and User Comments on Player Experience

This study of how game reviews and user comments influence player experience found that players who read negative reviews rated the game lower than those who read either positive reviews or no reviews at all.

Players and Game Worlds

Wednesday, 10 August 10:45 am - 12:15 pm
All in a Day's Work: A Study of World of Warcraft NPCs Comparing Gender to Professions

This study explores whether non-player characters within World of Warcraft reinforce stereotypical assumptions surrounding gender and work. Even though all professions are represented (albeit not equally) by male and female NPCs, there seem to be subtle hierarchies within the distribution of "work" in this gameworld.

Designing Stories: Narrative Practices in 3D Computer Games

Drawing on theories from game, film, and theater studies, this paper explores two primary ways in which 3D computer games deal with stories.

Beyond Player Types: Gaming Achievement Goals

Educational psychology studies use motivational constructs called achievement goals to predict learning success. This paper examines whether gaming achievement goals influence game play in similar ways. Gaming achievement goals could help determine whether people will play and which players are more likely to learn from educational games.

Modeling Play: Re-Casting Expertise in MMOGs

Studies of expertise in massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs) involve either small-scale ethnographic accounts of elite players or large-scale accounts relying on one-dimensional measures of expert play. This paper presents a quantifiable model of expertise in MMOGs that is generated through qualitative analyses of both novices and experts.