The 38th International Conference And Exhibition on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques


As an epicenter of game, film, and television production, Vancouver is an ideal home for the ongoing convergence of technology, production methods, and artistic vision in all visual media. The rubber hits the road at SIGGRAPH 2011, the world's premier conference for computer graphics and interactive techniques. We call on all game developers to come and join the conversation! SIGGRAPH 2011 offers many opportunities to showcase your best work to the top computer graphics talents, especially if:

  • Your game includes a cinematic or gameplay sequence exemplifying the best real-time or pre-rendered graphics. Present your game at Real-Time Live! or screen it at the Computer Animation Festival!
  • You poured your heart and soul into a truly excellent game model, animation, effect, level, etc. Claim bragging rights at SIGGRAPH Dailies!
  • Came up with a cool new production technique, game tool, or graphics method. Present a Talk and explain what makes it tick!
  • You are an expert in a particular area of game graphics, or you are leading the way in an important new industry trend. Present a Course and teach the rest of the industry about it!

Other options include expressing your convictions on the best way to make games in a Panel, writing a Technical Paper about a groundbreaking technique or system, having people make content for your game in The Studio, and demonstrating a new game production tool or input device in Emerging Technologies. Your game, film, and television peers look forward to seeing your best work at SIGGRAPH 2011. Don't disappoint them!