The 38th International Conference And Exhibition on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques

Advance Program

Download the Advance Program PDF

Detailed information on who's speaking and what's happening when in most SIGGRAPH 2011 programs and events. Your best planning resource for a week of learning, exploring, and amazing interaction with tomorrow's technologies.

Wireless Internet Service

SIGGRAPH 2011 offers wireless internet service in most areas of the Vancouver Convention Centre. To use this service, attendees should have a laptop computer and/or a mobile device with a built-in wireless network card or with an external wireless card that is 802.11a, b, or g compatible.

Please refer to your device operating system and client adapter documentation and follow this procedure:

1. Document all existing TCP/IP and wireless configuration information before you make any changes.

2. Configure your device to use DHCP.

3. Configure your wireless adapter Network Name (SSID) to be "s2011". If your device does not support 802.11a you may use the SSID "s2011b" on the slower b/g channels.

4. When prompted for the password, enter "siggraph".

The SIGGRAPH 2011 wireless network provides communications for conference attendees. Users should be aware of the security considerations when using any public access wireless.