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2011 Conference Newsletter | SIGGRAPHITTI - July 2011 - Issue 2

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Monday, 18 July is the last day for you to receive a discount on registration for SIGGRAPH 2011. ACM/ACM SIGGRAPH members can save up to $100 on full conference registration.

Hotel Reservations

SIGGRAPH has extended the deadline for hotel reservations to Friday, 15 July. Visit the SIGGRAPH Travel & Housing page for a list of participating hotels and book your hotel reservation through onPeak. Reservations are based on availability only and rates may increase. (Please note: If you are contacted by any other housing companies, they are not endorsed by SIGGRAPH 2011 and may not be reputable.)

All SIGGRAPH 2011 attendees who book their hotel through the official SIGGRAPH system will receive a free shuttle bus wristband. Wristbands will be provided upon check-in to the hotel. 

Travel to Vancouver

All non-Canadian attendees should print the letter of recognition from the Canadian Border Services Agency. International attendees, be sure to review the most up-to-date passport and visa information. If you need a visa to travel to Canada, see How to Apply for a Visa.

Getting Around Vancouver

Once you’ve arrived in Vancouver, you’ll find a variety of options to navigate the city. Take the Skytrain from Vancouver International Airport to Downtown or arrange for discounted ground transportation from Aerocar Service or Aeroshuttle Service. For details about Traveling around Vancouver, visit the Travel Information page.

The SIGGRAPH 2011 Scheduler

The SIGGRAPH 2011 Scheduler provides easy access to session information and conference schedules.  Browse all programs and events, sort them by day and time, registration level, and focus, then create your own schedule and import it to your calendar program.  The Scheduler is optimized for use on most mobile devices. 

Access the SIGGRAPH 2011 Scheduler on your mobile phone.

Translated Audio Podcasts Available for Art Gallery and Emerging Technologies

The ACM SIGGRAPH International Resources Committee has produced audio podcasts of all the works being shown at the SIGGRAPH 2011 Art Gallery and Emerging Technologies. The podcasts are available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and Italian.

A special mobile web page has also been created, linking each work on display to enhanced information, social media, and easy access to the podcasts from your mobile device. Be sure to check it out while touring the Art Gallery and Emerging Technologies.

Special thanks to: Francho Melendez, Daria Ornat, and Jacobo Bibliowicz (Spanish), Dario Passariello (Italian), Irena Volkova (Russian), Miho Aoki (Japanese), Yong Tsui Lee (Chinese), Patrick Marais (English), and Mona Kasra and Cole Krumbholz (Chairs, Art Gallery and Emerging Technologies).

SIGGRAPH 2011 Art Gallery Video Preview

SIGGRAPH 2011 Art Gallery Video PreviewWatch a video preview of the Art Gallery and experience “home” in the networked age. View the video





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Only A Few Spots Remain for the SIGGRAPH Symposium: The Business Think Tank

The SIGGRAPH Symposium: The Business Think Tank is a one-day event that brings together the leaders who have contributed to the direction, production, and evolution of the computer graphics community. Featured speakers include:

  • Gail Currey, Head of Studio, PDI/DreamWorks
  • Andy Hendrickson, Chief Technology Officer, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Join us for a full day of frank conversations and interactive sessions designed to elucidate the elements of finance, strategy, culture, and creativity. Space is limited, so register today to reserve your seat.  

Meet the Keynote: Cory Doctorow to Autograph Books at SIGGRAPH Bookstore

Cory DoctorowThe only thing more exciting than hearing Cory Doctorow speak is meeting him in person! Doctorow books will be available for purchase, and the author will be available to sign them at 1:30 p.m. Monday, 8 August in the SIGGRAPH Bookstore.





Exhibitor Tech Talks

Get the inside story directly from the commercial developers of tomorrow's hot hardware, software, and systems. Join question-and-answer exchanges and one-on-one conversations with the presenters after each Tech Talk.

Topics include:

  • Video Processing With AMD FirePro Solutions
  • The Academic Infrastructure of Innovative and Successful Video Games
  • Bakery Relight: Interactive Lighting, Shading, and Rendering for Pros
  • Physics-Based Virtual Reality
  • OpenCL and OpenGL/DirectX Interoperability
  • How Much Animation Can You Do in a Day?

View the full list of Exhibitor Tech Talks.

Vancouver Fun Facts

What Vancouver-based company created more than 300 visual effects shots for the 2010 Academy Awards®-nominated film “District 9”?

Image Engine. The studio’s efforts on the film focused on creating the 100 percent digital aliens that populate an area of Soweto, South Africa, called District 9. Image Engine developed the alien mother ship, digital helicopters, and digital Casspir troop carriers,as well as delivered miscellaneous shots with computer-generated gore and compositing tasks.

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