The 38th International Conference And Exhibition on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques

Stereoscopy From XY to Z

Wednesday, 10 August 9:00 am - 12:15 pm | West Building, Rooms 109/110

Stereoscopy has been very well known since the 19th century. The theory is very simple: just present a left view of a scene to the left eye, and a right view to the right eye, and the viewer's brain perceives the depth of the scene. In 2011, stereoscopy is everywhere: in the latest blockbuster movies, in theaters, at home on 3D displays, in games on all platforms, and even on the go with the new wave of capable portable devices. Though the concept is simple, realizing a comfortable and convincing stereoscopic experience for the user implies many aesthetic and technical considerations that revolutionize our way of creating graphics content.

This comprehensive course summarizes standard stereo-projection techniques, audience depth perception and comfort factors, recommended uses of depth as a storytelling tool, how stereo is used in gaming and real-time applications, details on conversion of 2D content to 3D, guidance on new creative choices, and using depth in an aesthetic way.


9 am
Introduction and Welcome

9:05 am
Stereoscopy Fundamentals and Depth Perception

9:40 am
Stereopsis and 3D Hints

10:10 am
Depth as a Storytelling Tool

10:30 am
Real-Time and Gaming Techniques

11 am
Cartoon Authoring for 3D

11:30 am
Creative Choices for 3D

11:50 am
Managing a Depth Budget

12:10 pm
Conclusion: Questions




Good knowledge of the graphics pipeline for animation or real-time applications.

Intended Audience

Technical artists and graphics developers working on animations, cartoons, games, or real-time projects who want to acquire a solid understanding of the fundamentals and advanced techniques of stereoscopy, and the art of making it look elegant and comfortable.


Samuel Gateau
NVIDIA Corporation

Robert Neuman
Walt Disney Animation Studios

Marc Salvati
OLM Digital, Inc.