The 38th International Conference And Exhibition on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques

ISCAN3D and IFACE3D: 3D Scanners on iPhone by Digiteyezer

West Building, Ballroom B

Thank to its embedded technology, Digiteyezer has invented a new concept for 3D scanning systems. The concept extends a new way of scanning to a wide range of users by delivering:

• Hardware-independent technology. Digiteyezer provides outstanding 3D scanning capabilities by using mono-lenticular systems like those in smart phones, DSLR cameras, webcams, embedded cameras (TVs, PCs, game consoles), and industrial cameras.

• 3D reconstruction with an automatic online process. Digiteyezer's architecture relies on an online reconstruction process for 3D models.

• Ease of use and user-oriented technology. Digiteyezer uses an embedded human interface that delivers 3D scanning capabilities to a wide range of users.

• 3D models with lifelike (or photo-realistic) rendering. Digiteyezer's technology allows creation and display of 3D models with a lifelike rendering, which gives users a brand-new relationship to 3D models. For example, when the applications are people oriented (face scanning, medical apps, fashion apps), the user experience is much more intense, because users see themselves as they are in the real life.

Frederic Courteille

Benoit Boquillon