The 38th International Conference And Exhibition on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques

InteractiveTop: An Entertainment System that Enhances The Experience of Playing Tops

West Building, Ballroom B

Spinning tops have a long history as children’s toys. A top is a simple toy, but its behavior is unique compared to other physical toys. Its attractive behavior is based on the gyroscopic effect acting within the top. Children sense the force of the gyroscopic effect when they handle tops, which helps them discover a basic phenomenon of physics.

This project extends those experiences with augmented-reality technologies by providing visual, audio, and force feedback. Traditionally, the user applies an external force to the top, but direct touching often has the unintended effect of moving the top, hence limiting continuous interaction between the user and top. InteractiveTop is an entertainment system that supports virtual physical contact between the user and the top, which allows direct, prolonged interaction.

Toshiki Sato
The University of Electro-Communications

Yasushi Matoba
The University of Electro-Communications

Hideki Koike
The University of Electro-Communications