The 38th International Conference And Exhibition on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques

Device-Independent Imaging System for High-Fidelity Colors

West Building, Ballroom B

This device-independent imaging system consists of a camera, which can accurately capture colors, and a display device, which can faithfully reproduce colors. To accurately capture colors, a camera with three sensors and three filters like conventional digital cameras was enhanced with color-spectrum sensitivities to satisfy the Luther-Ives condition. As a result, the camera captures colors with very high accuracy (for example, delta E = 0.27 in CIE L*a*b* for MacBeth Color Checker). The display component is a multi-primary color (MPC) display that employs more than three primaries (RGB + Yellow and Cyan in this case) to reproduce a wider color gamut with higher efficiency than conventional RGB-based displays. It can reproduce 99% of the existing material colors, most of which are located out of the color gamut of conventional display devices and cannot be reproduced correctly. The camera outputs signals in device-independent format (for example, XYZ), and the display prototype accurately reproduce those colors. The whole procedure, from capturing to reproducing images, works in real time.

Akiko Yoshida
SHARP Corporation

Kazunari Tomizawa
SHARP Corporation

Makoto Hasegawa
SHARP Corporation

Yasuhiro Yoshida
SHARP Corporation

Yoshifumi Shimodaira
Shizuoka University